Type of Managed Funds

Fund Types

Chart of Fund Type

        As of December 31, 2017


The principal role of the UH Foundation is to manage endowed gifts.  An endowed gift is one made by a donor with the intent that the gift be maintained in perpetuity, and invested so that the income or gains from the endowment may be distributed in the manner stipulated by the donor. 

For example, a donor may contribute $25,000 to endow a scholarship for a chosen College at one of the UH universities.  That gift is then included in our pooled endowment, with professional investment management.  A growth in value of the endowment provides annual income to be used for the scholarship.  The investment goals are to at least maintain the value of the original $25,000 gift and to be able to distribute earned income.

The Foundation manages approximately 270 individually-named endowed funds. During fiscal year 2017, the Foundation disbursed $5.8 million to/or on behalf of the universities.

Short-Term Cash

Donors may contribute a gift to be used in its entirety in the near future.  Those funds are held by the Foundation until the desired distribution date.

Charitable Gift Annuities

A donor may want to contribute a permanent gift to any University of Houston (including Downtown, Clear Lake and Victoria), but the donor may still want to receive income during his/her lifetime.  A Charitable Gift Annuity is a written contract between UHF and one or two donors, in which UHF accepts from the donor(s) a gift of cash or readily-marketable securities in return for guaranteed fixed quarterly payments for life from UHF to the donor (annuitant(s).