Create a Bequest

A bequest with specific instructions in your will is a way to remember one of the universities of Houston.  A bequest can be included in a new will, or added as a codicil to an existing will, with the assistance of your attorney or advisor.

Endowed Bequest:  a bequest that requires the University of Houston Foundation to invest the original gift amount and to distribute only the investment income to the chosen UH recipient.

Charitable bequests are fully deductible for estate tax purposes.

Sample Language for Charitable Bequests:

"I give, devise, and bequeath to the University of Houston Foundation, located at 4543 Post Oak Place, Suite 250, Houston, TX 77027 (federal tax ID no. 74-6041411):

  • (Cash Bequest) the sum of _________ dollars ($_____)
  • (Stock Bequest) _____ shares of stock of _______________ Corporation
  • (Percentage of Estate) _____ percent (___%) of my estate
  • (Residuary Bequest) the remainder of my estate

I stipulate that this bequest is to be used by the University of Houston (or UH-Downtown, UH-Clear Lake or UH-Victoria), (or the School of ___________) for the following purpose: ___________